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Latest news

  • May 31th 2010:
    EuroSys conference proceedings are now available on ACM portal
  • April 20th 2010:
    The paper The Next 700 BFT Protocols received the Best Paper Award
  • April 20th 2010:
    The paper "Otherworld" - Giving Applications a Chance to Survive OS Kernel Crashes received the Best Student Paper Award
  • April 15th 2010:
    Dinner cruise on the Seine River at 20:00. Reminder: Subway trip 35mn !
  • April 14th 2010:
    Your mailing application can be configured to use "smtp.cnam.fr" as outgoing mail server. No authentification is required.
  • April 14th 2010:
    Presentation slides are available in the Conference program.
  • April 13th 2010:
    Conference, Workshops and Demos and posters proceedings are online.
  • April 12th 2010:
    Eurosys 2010 Facebook group is up.
  • February 16th 2010:
    Conference program is online.
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EuroSys 2010 Conference


EuroSys 2010 is organised by EuroSys, the European Chapter of SIGOPS, sponsored by ACM SIGOPS.

The EuroSys conference series brings together professionals from academia and industry. It has a strong focus on systems research and development: operating systems, data base systems, real-time systems and middleware for networked, distributed, parallel, or embedded computing systems. As a highly recognized conference - rank 11 out of 581 in terms of 2007 CiteSeer impact factor - EuroSys has become a premier forum for discussing various issues of systems software research and development, including implications related to hardware and applications.

EuroSys 2010 will follow the pattern established by the previous EuroSys conferences, by seeking papers on all aspects of computer systems. EuroSys 2010 will also include a number of workshops to allow junior and senior members of the systems community to explore leading-edge topics and ideas before they are presented at a conference.

Important Dates

  • EuroSys travel grants application deadline : March 1, 2010
  • Google female grants application deadline : March 15, 2010
  • French junior researcher grants application deadline : March 7, 2010
  • Paper submission: October 23, 2009 (11:59am CEST, just before noon, Paris timezone) - deadline is firm, no extensions will be granted
  • Acceptance notification: January 9, 2010
  • Final paper due: February 8, 2010
  • Conference: April 13-16, 2010
Paris - Eiffel Tower


Paris is the economic and commercial capital of France. It is located on a loop of the Seine, in the center of the Paris basin, between the confluences of the Marne and the Seine upstream, and Oise and the Seine downstream. The density of its railway network, motorway and its airport structure, made Paris the convergence point for international transport. Known in the whole world for its monuments and its artistic and cultural life, Paris is also an important city in the history of the world, with a major political and economic impact. Symbol of the French culture, its animation and its large museums make it an attraction for nearly thirty million visitors per year. Paris is also regarded as one of the world capitals of the mode and the luxury. It is the most populated agglomeration in the European Union.

Conference Location


Eurosys 2010 will be held in The Conservatoire national des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) which is a scientific, cultural and professional corporation. Since its foundation by Henri Gregoire in 1794, it is dedicated to the training of adults along their life. Placed under the supervision of the high education ministry, it fulfils three missions: (1) the professional training of the adults, (2) the technological research and the innovation, (3) the diffusion of the scientific and technical culture. The CNAM is based for its development on its network made up of 29 regional centers and several teaching centers around the world (e.g. Lebanon, Germany, Benin, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Morocco, etc). It is organized in 4 poles of teaching and research and nearly 30 specialities : (1) Economy and management, (2) Sciences and industrial techniques, (3) Communication and information sciences and technologies, (4) Work and company. The CNAM research is based on a multi-field activity and on the engagement of the companies: with researchers including 128 professors and 239 associate-professors; and approximately 2 000 external contributors, where 330 are Ph-D students. The CNAM, with its Musée des Arts et Métiers, is a major actor of diffusion of the scientific and technique culture: 350 events and conferences are open to all; 50 000 participants in all France; 200 000 visitors of the Musée.